Charley’s Cookies, a program of Ariel Clinical Services, is designed to teach job skills to adults with developmental/intellectual disabilities in a supportive environment so that they can better prepare to work a job in the community.

Each client goes through the Health Department class for their food handler’s card. They are trained with direct supervision on how to properly and safely use commercial equipment in the making, baking and packaging process. Each client then gets the opportunity to practice customer service and money management skills by selling Charley’s Cookies in the community.

What’s better about Charley’s Cookies than store bought brands? We have been making oven fresh cookies for over two years now and every cookie is hand scooped and handled with extreme care! Each recipe has been perfected over years by Charley (creator and donator of the delicious recipes). We use only the finest ingredients that you would use if you were making cookies for your children. Our recipe uses butter and no shortening or artificial flavoring and no trans fat. Each order is baked and packaged specially for you!

(All photos in this website were taken by: Captured by Karen and Long Point Digital)